The Future Is Wild, the award-winning TV show that has captured an international audiences of millions through the fascinating subject speculative zoology, is returning, this time in virtual reality (VR). The VR experience will feature completely new creatures within the original scenarios plus totally new territories set at time periods not previously covered. The now-recognized field of speculative zoology, which has enjoyed growing popularity among creature lovers, educators and storytellers, has helped unleash human imagination in illustrating scientific principals by creating believable scenarios of natural evolution and hypothesizing far into the future. What forces of nature will drive life 20, 50, 100, 200, million years from now? How will organisms evolve over such a massive timescale? How will cosmic events and climate changes impact evolution and biodiversity in the far future? FIW VR tells the big-picture story of speculative evolution and sends you on a mission as a scientific explorer to collect, study and investigate the bizarre worlds of future ecosystems.
(Images copyright: © C. Hillmann. The Future is Wild copyright: © The FUTURE is WILD Australia Pty Ltd.)
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Project Details

Genre Speculative Science
Type VR Experience
Plattform HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR
Playtime 100 Minutes
Technology Unreal Engine UE4

Concept development for the Titan Dolphin, one of 20 new creatures.

Gallery: Concepts for the exploration vessel “Aeon II”. Image insets: a) Bridge and teleportation area, b) Time engine room, c) Evolutionary biology laboratory. Environment concepts thumbnails  (left to right, counterclockwise):  Fire World, Giant Bengal Swamp, Northern Forest, Global Ocean, Tidal World. Titan Dolphin visual.