Currently in production is a series of CG music videos for a new synthwave-related project. The background of this project has its roots in the early days of the record label Gymnastic / Chrom Records, co-founded by Cornel Hillmann during his college years with Carl Erling.

Since then, some of the artists and producers have moved on to establish their own recording studios for film and broadcast. The project Synchrotronx is a result of co-operation with contributions from within this network with the intention to reinterpret the original spirit that made the label popular.
The CG music videos are produced using the Unreal engine. Some of the environments will have a VR experiences as well. The production was recently part of a talk on CG for video and VR in KL (link: ).

Below are a number of screenshots illustrating the production process. This page will be updated with the finished music video series and VR info once completed.