Dolphin Predator

The Dolphin predator is a concept developed by Dougal Dixon (concept sketch on the right) and visualized by Cornel Hillmann at the concept art development stage for FIW VR. Dougal Dixon is one of the noted originators of the “Speculative Evolution” genre:
As the co-author of The Future is Wild and other works on speculative biology, he is advising the FIW VR production on the creature design process. Here is an example of the ongoing concept process with his commentary and concept contribution (published with his kind permission). The excerpt below referring to the images and concept sketches were the result of a discussion over an alternative evolutionary branch of a large predator dolphin successor. Development: Each featured creature in the title has a distinct evolutionary identity and the respective biological context that allows for a believable ecosystem simulation. At the completed stage, a rich data set of detailed bio-mechanics and behavior sets governed by the established rule of nature are staged with a storytelling narrative to illustrate the projected creature. The featured animal is a work in progress of a number of iterations on the subject (Image: Copyright © 2016 Cornel Hillmann, Concept: Copyright © 2016 Dougal Dixon).

Creature development images and Unreal engine screen capture. The featured concept was sketched out, then sculpted in Zbrush. Rig and animation was created before bringing it into the Unreal engine for a test with the environment concept to then be reviewed with a VR headset.