Character Production

CG Character production:
Concept, Visualization, Modeling, Texture Maps and Production Setup.

This project page shows the various aspects of CG Character productions for concept visualization, game-assets and animation with examples of staging, action poses, interactive viewer for PBR textured models and concept sculpt. The page will be frequently updated with ongoing production examples.

(Above: Armored Guard/Project CH-1609)


Trophy Project:

(Left: interactive Sketchfab viewer)
Typical PBR workflow for real-time/game character assets using Zbrush, Allegorithmic Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag.


Stylized female character:
Example of context staging.


Male character from concept sculpt to pose visualization:
Action pose test.


Character Visualization with closeup detail.

Project Ben Wirth Licht:

Character Concept, Design and Key-frame Animation  for Commercial

Concept Sculpts:

Various previz Zbrush projects