CGARTIST.COM marketplace:

Since 2002, we have been producing CG art, game assets, visualization, 3D animation, product design and interactive concepts mostly for industrial clients, NGOs, startups, government organisations and festivals. We produced software training tutorial DVDs with most of the German universities as our customers. We also launched a game production and have been heavily involved in VR. In the current environment, we see a strong growth of interactive visualizations using game engine such as Unreal UE4. A new generation of educational experiences, industrial applications and powerful new ways to craft the customer journey by bringing visual communication to a new level, it is not only more immersive, but also more efficient to produce.

Over the years, we have worked with a lot of extremely talented and extraordinary people.

In 2017, we are taking it one step further and are utilizing this talent network and customer base to open a marketplace for digital art services.

CGARTIST.COM will be the premier destination for established CG artists to sell their services to an international clientele. It will be the go-to place for companies to purchase quality work by handpicked people with a solid reputation.

What makes CGARTIST.COM different to other design marketplaces is its strong focus on 3D and VR and much-higher minimum standards that protect both parties.

Expect a marketplace with excellent quality control, efficient rules and high communication standards. We actually see ourselves more as an agency than as a mere plattform. We actively acquire talent and actively approach industry partners for services matchmaking, and therefore have a much more hands-on people-oriented approach.

Get VR-, 3D- and digital design-related services

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Above: Epic Games’ Unreal industrial show-reel gives an overview of where the industry is headed: Game engines such as UE4 enable a new generation of interactive real-time application, including VR- and AR-enabled experiences. CGARTIST.COM delivers the the talent pool to industries who require access to a flexible workforce to deliver components from concept art  and 3D models to complete projects.

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